Why are they taking away P.E classes? An introduction.

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Have you ever wondered why young people are the way they are nowadays?  Wonder what they do with their time? All we do in today’s day of age is sit on the computer and be on Facebook or twitter. We never go outside and play anymore. At school, we only use computers or videos as a way to learn. The only physical education we usually get is they walk to the bus stop to take the bus to school to only sit there a couple hours. I think that physical education in schools should be required in every school. There is such a big ammount of research done by several agencies that prove that exercise makes people perform better in everything they do.  Many young adults are growing up to be obese because of the lack of physical education they do in their lifetime. If we make physical education a requirement in schools or even if we enhance the way teachers teach with making it a more active classroom setting, chances are that many young adults might make it a habit to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many doctors and researchers constantly argue how physical education is crucial in a life of a teenager.  They state, ”For example, children ride in a car or bus to school, have less physical education, watch more television, play more sedentary games such as computer games, and do not have as much freedom to play outside on their own. Consequently, there is mounting evidence that even our young children are becoming less physically active and more overweight and obese” (Sanders & Elliot, par. 2). This is true. Many young adults never really have the chance to get out and do some type of physical activity off school property. This not only adds more to the epidemic we have of child obesity but it also makes the chance of them being open to many chronic diseases that could eventually cause death.

This video is just one of the many examples how exercise is for more than just staying healthy. It also improves the performance in the classroom and prevents young adults from having diseases that makes them sick. It also helps them build a habit that will bring them nothing but benefits in their health and performance.

Maybe some of us are not quite informed how  not having P.E regularly as a routine during school makes this click here